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Title: Getting Started with Arduino, Author: Massimo Banzi
Title: sed and awk Pocket Reference, Author: Arnold Robbins
Title: Java - The Beginnings, Author: Ralph Lecessi
Title: Oracle Regular Expressions: Pocket Reference, Author: Jonathan Gennick
Title: Perfect Software And Other Illusions About Testing, Author: Gerald Weinberg
Title: The Psychology of Computer Programming: Silver Anniversary eBook Edition, Author: Gerald Weinberg
Title: SalesForce Guide, Author: Eric Kramer
Title: Basic: Getting Started, Author: William S. Davis
Title: Apple Software for Pennies, Author: Bertram Gader
Title: Beginner's Guide to Basic, Author: Charles S. Parker
Title: Learn to Program with C++, Author: John Smiley
Title: Basic Computing for Civil Engineers, Author: W. M. Jenkins
Title: Why Software Gets In Trouble, Author: Gerald Weinberg
Title: Symfony Framework. Desarrollo Rápido de Aplicaciones Web. 2ª Edición, Author: Miguel Torres Hernández
Title: Learn BASIC: A Guide to Programming the Texas Instruments Professional Compact Computer 40, Author: David Thomas
Title: Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Programming with BASIC, Author: Byron S. Gottfried
Title: I Speak BASIC to My Commodore 64, Author: Commodore
Title: Computer Basic the Easy Way, Author: Douglas D. Downing
Title: UML 2.0. Wprowadzenie, Author: Miles
Title: Apple LOGO for Kids, Author: David A. Yule

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