Title: The Will of God, Author: Leslie D. Weatherhead
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Title: The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church 2016, Author: United Methodist Church
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Title: The Method of Our Mission: United Methodist Polity & Organization, Author: Laceye C. Warner
Title: Major United Methodist Beliefs, Author: Mack B. Stokes
Title: The Sermons of John Wesley: A Collection for the Christian Journey, Author: Kenneth J. Collins
Title: The Top Ten List for Christians with Leader's Guide: Priorities for Faithful Living, Author: James Moore
Title: I Hear Voices, and That's a Good Thing!, Author: James W. Moore
Title: The Evangelistic Love of God and Neighbor: A Theology of Witness and Discipleship, Author: Scott J. Jones
Title: More Parables from the Back Side, Author: J. Ellsworth Kalas
Title: God Was Here and I Was Out to Lunch, Author: James W. Moore
Title: Three Simple Rules (Korean): A Wesleyan Way of Living, Author: Rueben P. Job
Title: United Methodist Beliefs: A Brief Introduction, Author: William H. Willimon
Title: Deep Denial: The Persistence of White Supremacy in United States History and Life, Author: David Billings
Title: Accidental Preacher: A Memoir, Author: Will Willimon
Title: Listening For God: A Ministers Journey Through Silence And Doubt, Author: Renita J. Weems
Title: Yes, Lord, I Have Sinned: But I Have Several Excellent Excuses (Special), Author: James W Moore
Title: Worshiping with United Methodists: A Guide for Pastors and Church Leaders, Author: Hoyt L. Hickman
Title: Francis Asbury: Circuit Rider, Author: Janet Benge
Title: Daddy, Is That Story True, or Were You Just Preaching?, Author: James W. Moore
Title: John Wesley: A Biography / Edition 1, Author: Stephen Tomkins
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