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Title: Blessings and Consecrations: A Book of Occasional Services, Author: Abingdon Press
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Title: You're Probably United Methodist if..., Author: Robert M. Walker
Title: The United Methodist Way (Single Copy), Author: Upper Room
Title: Guidelines Women's Ministries : Turning Faith, Hope, and Love into Action, Author: General Board Global Ministries
Title: Guidelines 2005-2008 Finance, Author: Abingdon Press Staff
Title: Diamonds Everywhere: Appreciating God's Gifts, Author: Ernest Fitzgerald
Title: Women in New Worlds, Author: Rosemary S. Keller
Title: Lay Leader / Lay Member : Connecting Your Congregation and Your Annual Conference, Author: Sandy Jackson
Title: Gospel of Grace: The Way of Salvation in the Wesleyan Tradition, Author: Kenneth Cain Kinghorn
Title: Agony at Galloway: One Church's Struggle with Social Change, Author: W. J. Cunningham
Title: The Heart of John Wesley's Journal, Author: John Wesley
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Title: Major United Methodist Beliefs, Author: Mack B. Stokes
Title: From Every Nation Without Number: Racial and Ethnic Diversity in United Methodism, Author: Roy I. Sano
Title: Divine Yes, Author: E. Stanley Jones
Title: Writings in the Dust; Vivid Narratives of Some of the Bible's Most Notable Characters, Author: Carl E. Price
Title: How United Methodists Share Their Faith, Author: Rodney E Wilmoth
Paperback $4.49 $8.99 Current price is $4.49, Original price is $8.99.
Title: Worship : The Gifts of God from the People of God, Author: Taylor W. Burton-Edwards
Title: Will of God, Author: Leslie D. Weatherhead
Title: GUIDELINES 2013-2016 ADVOCATES FOR INCLUSIVENESS, Author: Gen Commission Status & Role Women

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