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Title: John Wycliffe, Author: Ellen W. Caughey
Title: Anatomy of a Conversion: The Message and Mission of John and Charles Wesley, Author: Philip S. Watson
Title: Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, Author: C. I. Scofield
Title: Holiness of Heart and Life, Author: Stephen Seamands
Title: Friedrich Schleiermacher, Author: Stephen Sykes
Title: Context for Discovery, Author: Neal F. Fisher
Title: Background of Luther's Doctrine of Justification in Late Medieval Theology, Author: Bengt Hagglund
Title: Spirituality of John Calvin, Author: Lucien J. Richard
Title: Karl Barth's Theology of Mission, Author: Waldron Scott
Title: College Faith: 150 Adventist Leaders Share Faith Stories from Their College Days, Author: Ronald A. Knott
Title: Calvin's Doctrine of the Atonement, Author: Robert A. Peterson
Title: The New Jews, Author: Ron Cash
Title: From Time to Time, Author: Hannah Tillich
Title: Christian Faith and Public Choices: The Social Ethics of Barth, Brunner, and Bonhoeffer, Author: Robin W. Lovin
Title: God Made Known, Author: Thomas A. Langford
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Title: Our Christ-Centered Faith, Author: J. C. Wenger
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Title: Hope for the Church: Moltmann in Dialogue with Practical Theology, Author: Theodore Runyon
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Title: Van Til and the Use of Evidence, Author: Thom Notaro
Title: What the Church of God Means, Author: Press Publishers Warner
Title: Major United Methodist Beliefs, Author: Mack B. Stokes

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