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Title: Women of Power and Presence: The Spiritual Formation of Four Quaker Women Ministers, Author: Maureen Graham
Title: Four Doors to the Meeting for Worship, Author: William Taber
Title: Testament of Devotion, Author: Thomas R. Kelly
Title: Liberation Theology for Quakers, Author: Alice Lynd
Title: The Eternal Promise, Author: Thomas Kelly
Title: Dialogue with the Other: Martin Buber and the Quaker Experience, Author: Janet E. Schroeder
Title: Keeping Them All in Stitches: The Life-Story of Geraldine Custer, Author: Betty M. Hockett
Title: Front Porch Tales, Author: Phil Gulley
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Title: Nothing Without Christ: Some Current Problems in Religious Thought in the Light of Seventeenth Century Thought and Experience, Author: Dean Freiday
Title: Quakerism of the Future: Mystical, Prophetic and Evangelical, Author: John R. Yungblut
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Title: Bearing Witness: Quaker Process and a Culture of Peace, Author: Gray Cox
Title: Prayer: Beginning Again, Author: Sheila Keane
Title: Experiment in Faith: Quaker Women Transcending Differences, Author: Margery Post Post Abbott
Title: Vistas of Inner Stillness, Author: Richard L. Walker
Title: Without Nightfall upon the Spirit: Reflections on Aging, Author: Mary Chase Morrison
Title: I Have Always Wanted to Be Jewish, Author: Claire Gorfinkel
Title: Women and Quakerism, Author: Hope Elizabeth Luder
Title: Inward Light and the New Creation: A Theological Meditation upon the Center and Circumference of Quakerism, Author: R. Melvin Keiser
Title: The Quaker Reader, Author: Jessamyn West
Title: George Fox's Attitude toward War, Author: T. Canby Jones

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