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Title: The Irlen Revolution: A Guide to Changing Your Perception and Your Life, Author: Helen Irlen
Title: God's Pathway to Healing: Digestion, Author: Reginald B. B. Cherry
Title: Biology and Treatment of Dementia in the Elderly, Author: Charles A. Shamoian
Title: Aspects of Memory, Author: Michael M. Gruneberg
Title: Physical Education for Children with Perceptual-Motor Learning Disabilities, Author: Robert W. Harvat
Title: Caring for the Mentally Impaired Elderly: A Family Guide, Author: Florence Safford
Title: Dementia in Later Life: Research and Action, Author: World Health Organisation Staff
Title: Memory Loss, Author: Stephen L. Deflice
Title: Neuropsychiatric Dementias: Current Perspectives, Author: Dilip V. Jeste
Title: The Man Who Tasted Shapes: A Bizarre Medical Mystery Offers Revolutionay Insights into Emotions, Author: Richard Cytowic
Title: Reality Orientation for the Elderly, Author: Sylvester Kohut
Title: Neuropsychological Evaluation of Head Injury, Author: Lawrence C. Hartlage
Title: The Pathology and Psychology of Cognition, Author: Andrew Burton
Title: God's Pathway to Healing: Memory and Mental Acuity, Author: Reginald B. Cherry
Title: Our Remarkable Memory, Author: Edith Nalle Schafer
Title: God's Pathway to Healing: Vision, Author: Reginald B. B. Cherry
Title: Mind of a Mnemonist: A Little Book about a Vast Memory, Author: A. R. Luria
Title: Living with Dementia: Community Care of the Elderly Mentally Infirm, Author: C. J. Gilleard
Title: Understanding the Environment through Aging Senses, Author: Margaret P. Calkins
Title: Journey from Cognition to Brain to Gene: Perspectives from Williams Syndrome, Author: Ursula Bellugi

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