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Title: Property / Edition 8, Author: Dukeminier
Title: Property and Lawyering, 3d / Edition 3, Author: R. Freyermuth
Title: Kurtz, Hovenkamp, and Brown's Cases and Materials on American Property Law, 6th / Edition 6, Author: Sheldon F. Kurtz
Title: The End of Ownership: Personal Property in the Digital Economy, Author: Aaron Perzanowski
Title: Property: Concise Edition, Author: Dukeminier
Title: Contemporary Property, 4th / Edition 4, Author: Grant S. Nelson
Title: The Garden Club of America: One Hundred Years of a Growing Legacy, Author: William Seale
Title: Raumordnung und Privatrechtsgesellschaft: Vortrag gehalten vor der Berliner Juristischen Gesellschaft am 22. Marz 1973, Author: Theo Mayer-Maly
Title: The Property Rights of Unmarried Cohabitees, Author: John Mee
Title: Geoproperty, Author: Geoff Demarest
Title: Property Law and Policy:A Comparative Institutional Perspective / Edition 1, Author: John P. Dwyer
Title: Liberty, Property, and the Foundations of the American Constitution, Author: Ellen Frankel Paul
Title: Fundamentals of Property Law / Edition 3, Author: D. Barlow Burke
Title: Property Rights and Economic Reform in China, Author: Jean C. Oi
Title: California Community Property Law, Author: William W. Bassett
Title: Texas Matrimonial Property Law, Author: Joseph Webb McKnight
Title: How to pass the APC, Author: Austen Imber
Title: The Gridlock Economy: How Too Much Ownership Wrecks Markets, Stops Innovation, and Costs Lives, Author: Michael Heller
Title: The Edges of the Field: Lessons on the Obligations of Ownership, Author: Joseph William Singer

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