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Title: Scalia Speaks: Reflections on Law, Faith, and Life Well Lived, Author: Antonin Scalia
Title: It's All Relative: Adventures Up and Down the World's Family Tree, Author: A. J. Jacobs
Title: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and It's All Small Stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Taking Over Your Life, Author: Richard Carlson
Title: The Ken Jennings Trivia Almanac: 8,888 Questions in 365 Days, Author: Ken Jennings
Title: You Will Never Have This Day Again: A Collection of Inspiration and Beauty, Author: Katherine Furman
Title: Washington's Farewell: The Founding Father's Warning to Future Generations, Author: John Avlon
Title: Rossen to the Rescue: Secrets to Avoiding Scams, Everyday Dangers, and Major Catastrophes, Author: Jeff Rossen
Title: Draft No. 4: On the Writing Process, Author: John McPhee
Title: S Is for Southern: A Guide to the South, from Absinthe to Zydeco, Author: Garden & Gun
Title: Wait, What?: And Life's Other Essential Questions, Author: James E. Ryan
Title: Calligraphy Made Easy, Author: Piccadilly Enterprises
Title: Together Is Better: A Little Book of Inspiration, Author: Simon Sinek
Title: Pooped Puppies: Life's Too Short to Work Like a Dog, Author: Sellers Publishing
Title: The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living, Author: Ryan Holiday
Title: The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition, Author: The University of Chicago Press Editorial Staff
Title: Do I Make Myself Clear?: Why Writing Well Matters, Author: Harold Evans
Title: Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Edition, Author: Merriam-Webster Editorial Staff
Title: The Little Zen Companion, Author: David Schiller
Title: Guinness World Records 2018: Meet Our Real-Life Superheroes, Author: Guinness World Records
Title: Brave Enough, Author: Cheryl Strayed

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