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Title: Juventud en Extasis (Nueva Edicion), Author: Cuauhtemoc Sanchez Carlos
Title: 40 Days of Purity for Girls, Author: Sharie King
Title: Sex: It's Worth Waiting For, Author: Greg Speck
Title: 40 Days of Purity for Guys, Author: Clayton King
Title: Almost Sex: 9 Signs You Are About to Go Too Far (or already have), Author: Michael DiMarco
Title: Sex Has a Price Tag: Discussions about Sexuality, Spirituality, and Self-respect, Author: Pam Stenzel
Title: The Bare Naked Truth: Dating, Waiting, and God's Purity Plan, Author: Bekah Hamrick Martin
Title: Sex and the Teenager, Participant's Book Choices and Decisions, Author: Kieran Sawyer
Title: Nobody Told Me: What You Need to Know About the Physical and Emotional Consequences of Sex Outside of Marriage, Author: Pam Stenzel
Title: Love, Sex, and God: Boys' Edition, Author: Bill Ameiss
Title: Sex and the Christian Teen, Author: Jim Auer
Title: Wait for Me: Rediscovering the Joy of Purity in Romance, Author: Rebecca St. James
Title: Technical Virgin: How Far is Too Far?, Author: Hayley DiMarco
Title: TeenVirtue 2: A Teen Girl's Guide to Relationships, Author: Vicki Courtney
Title: Teenvirtue Confidential: Your Questions Answered about Guys, God, and Getting Older, Author: Vicki Courtney
Title: Finding True Love, Author: Ed Stewart
Title: Mercury Rising: 8 Issues That Are Too Hot to Handle, Author: Jay Strack
Title: The Bondage Breaker Youth Edition Study Guide: Overcoming Sexual Temptation, Peer Pressure, Bad Habits, and Fears, Author: Neil T. Anderson
Title: Religion and Sexuality, Author: Kevin Hillstrom
Title: Sex and the New You, Author: Richard Bimler

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