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Title: The Stones of Florence, Author: Mary McCarthy Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Piero's Light: In Search of Piero della Francesca: A Renaissance Painter and the Revolution in Art, Science, and Religion, Author: Larry Witham Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Freud's Trip to Orvieto: The Great Doctor's Unresolved Confrontation with Antisemitism, Death, and Homoeroticism; His Passion for Paintings; and the Writer in His Footsteps, Author: Nicholas Fox Weber
Title: Medici Money: Banking, Metaphysics, and Art in Fifteenth-Century Florence, Author: Tim Parks
Title: Botticelli, Author: Barbara Deimling
Title: Botticelli, Author: Frank Zollner
Title: The Montefeltro Conspiracy: A Renaissance Mystery Decoded, Author: Marcello Simonetta Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: The Feud That Sparked the Renaissance: How Brunelleschi and Ghiberti Changed the Art World, Author: Paul Robert Walker Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Donatello among Blackshirts: History and Modernity in the Visual Culture of Fascist Italy / Edition 1, Author: Claudia Lazzaro
Title: Francesco Bocchi's The Beauties of the City of Florence. A Guidebook of 1591, Author: Robert Williams
Title: Francis of Assisi, Author: Walter Nigg
Title: Renaissance and Baroque Ceiling Masterpieces, Author: Dover Publications Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Die Verkuendigung an Maria in der niederlaendischen Malerei des 15. und 16. Jahrhunderts, Author: Gert Duwe
Title: The Cambridge Companion to Masaccio / Edition 1, Author: Diane Cole Ahl
Title: Giotto, Author: Francesca Flores d'Arcais
Title: Luca Signorelli: The San Brizio Chapel, Orvieto, Author: Jonathan B. Riess
Title: Central Italian Painting, Fourteen Hundred - Fourteen Sixty-Five: An Annotated Bibliography, Author: Martha Levine Dunkelman
Title: Donatello: An Introduction, Author: Charles Avery
Title: Giotto and the Arena Chapel: Art, Architecture and Experience, Author: Laura Jacobus
Title: The Mural Painters of Tuscany: From Cimabue to Andrea Del Sarto, Author: Eve Borsook

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