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Title: Lives of the Artists: Volume 1, Author: Giorgio Vasari
Title: Raphael, Author: Bette Talvacchia
Title: Classic Art: An Introduction to the Italian Renaissance, Author: Heinrich Wolfflin
Title: The Art of the Renaissance: Masters of Art Series, Author: Lucia Corrain
Title: Michelangelo: Master of the Italian Renaissance, Author: Gabriella Di Cagno
Title: Renaissance: Artists and Writers, Author: Sarah Halliwell
Title: Renaissance Art, Author: Nathaniel Harris
Title: Italian Renaissance Painting: Colour Library, Author: Keith Roberts
Title: Medieval and Renaissance Stained Glass: In the Victoria and Albert Museum, Author: Paul Williamson
Title: Artists of the Renaissance, Author: James E. Barter
Title: How to Read Italian Renaissance Painting, Author: Stefano Zuffi
Title: The Key to Renaissance Art, Author: Jose Fernandez Arenas
Title: A Renaissance Painter's Studio, Author: James E. Barter
Title: Medieval and Renaissance Treasures, Author: Paul Williamson
Title: Symbolic Images, Author: E.H. Gombrich