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Title: The Art of LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Programming, Author: Terry Griffin
Title: Arduino Cookbook, Author: Michael Margolis
Title: The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Discovery Book: A Beginner's Guide to Building and Programming Robots, Author: Laurens Valk
Title: Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 2: LEDs, LCDs, Audio, Thyristors, Digital Logic, and Amplification, Author: Charles Platt
Title: Robotics Lab Manual: Theory and Industrial Applications / Edition 2, Author: Larry Ross
Title: Arduino Robotics / Edition 1, Author: John-David Warren
Title: Red Rover: Inside the Story of Robotic Space Exploration, from Genesis to the Mars Rover Curiosity, Author: Roger Wiens
Title: Beginning C for Arduino, Second Edition: Learn C Programming for the Arduino, Author: Ph.D.
Title: Arduino Workshop: A Hands-On Introduction with 65 Projects, Author: John Boxall
Title: The Age of Em: Work, Love and Life when Robots Rule the Earth, Author: Robin Hanson
Title: Arduino and LEGO Projects, Author: Jon Lazar
Title: Machine Learning: The Art and Science of Algorithms that Make Sense of Data, Author: Peter Flach
Title: Cybernetics: or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine / Edition 2, Author: Norbert Wiener
Title: The Robotics Primer / Edition 1, Author: Maja J. Mataric
Title: Understanding Machine Learning: From Theory to Algorithms, Author: Shai Shalev-Shwartz
Title: Make: LEGO and Arduino Projects: Projects for extending MINDSTORMS NXT with open-source electronics, Author: John Baichtal
Title: Robot Building for Beginners, Third Edition, Author: David Cook
Title: Programming Computer Vision with Python: Tools and Algorithms For Analyzing Images, Author: Jan Erik Solem
Title: Practical 3D Printers: The Science and Art of 3D Printing, Author: Brian Evans
Title: Build Your Own Combat Robot, Author: Pete Miles

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