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Title: Then Came Love: Jax Braden, Author: Melissa Foster
#9 in Series
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Title: Taming the Rake, Author: Erica Ridley
#2 in Series
Title: Rocked by Love: Jillian Braden (A Braden - Bad Boys After Dark Crossover Novel), Author: Melissa Foster
Title: Over My Brother's Dead Body, Chase Andrews, Author: Piper Rayne Pre-Order Now
Title: Crazy, Wicked Love, Author: Melissa Foster
#3 in Series
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Title: Forever Paired: Forever Bluegrass #19, Author: Kathleen Brooks
Title: Escaping Shadows: Shadows Landing #10, Author: Kathleen Brooks Pre-Order Now
Title: Backup Wife, Author: Bethany Lopez
#4 in Series
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Title: Seduced by Snowfall, Author: Jennifer Bernard
#3 in Series
Title: Mile High, Author: Liz Tomforde
Title: For the Love of Whiskey: Cowboy Whiskey, Author: Melissa Foster Pre-Order Now
Title: True Blue: A Friends to Lovers Contemporary Romance, Author: Amy Knupp
Title: Hooked on the Boxer, Author: Piper Rayne
Title: One Guy I'd Never Date: A Sweet Romantic Comedy, Author: Remi Carrington
Title: A Little Bit Wicked, Author: Melissa Foster
#1 in Series
Title: Forever Mine, Author: Iris Morland
#1 in Series
Title: Sleepover: A Steamy Single Dad Romantic Comedy, Author: Serena Bell
Title: Totally Folked: A Small Town Romance Folktale retelling, Author: Penny Reid
#1 in Series
Title: How the Lady Charmed the Marquess, Author: Laura A. Barnes
Best Books of 2022
Title: The Dead Romantics, Author: Ashley Poston

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