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Title: Where the Road Ends: A Home in the Brazilian Rainforest, Author: Binka Le Breton
Title: The Science of Sustainable Development: Local Livelihoods and the Global Environment, Author: Bruce Campbell
Title: From Peasant To Farmer, Author: Raanan Weitz
Title: Rural Planning and Management, Author: Joe Morris
Title: Participatory Development: People and Common Property Resources, Author: Kanchan Chopra
Title: A Psychological Strategy for Alternative Human Development: India's Performance since Independence / Edition 1, Author: Prayag Mehta
Title: Forests to Fight Poverty: Creating National Strategies, Author: Ralph Schmidt
Title: Development Sociology: Actor Perspectives, Author: Norman Long
Title: Who from Their Labours Rest?: Conflict and Practice in Rural Tourism, Author: Mary Bouquet
Title: Rural America in the Information Age: Telecommunications Policy for Rural Development, Author: Edwin B. Parker
Title: Cooperative and Collective in China's Rural Development: Between State and Private Interests, Author: Eduard B. Vermeer
Title: Rural Women And State Policy: Feminist Perspectives On Latin American Agricultural Development, Author: Carmen Diana Deere
Title: Small African Towns - Between Rural Networks and Urban Hierarchies, Author: Poul O. Pedersen
Title: The State and the Poor: Public Policy and Political Development in India and the United States, Author: John Echeverri-Gent
Title: Indigenous Rights and Development: Self-Determination in an Amazonion Community, Author: Andrew Gray
Title: Anthropology, Development and Modernities: Exploring Discourse, Counter-Tendencies and Violence, Author: Alberto Arce
Title: Globalisation Localisation and Sustainable Livlihood / Edition 1, Author: Reidar Almas
Title: Technological Change and Rural Development in Poor Countries: Neglected Issues, Author: Kartik C. Roy
Title: Redesigning Rural Development: A Strategic Perspective, Author: Bruce F. Johnston
Title: Winning and Losing: The Changing Geography of Europe's Rural Areas, Author: Doris Schmied

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