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Title: Dragon Age: The World of Thedas Volume 2, Author: Various
Title: Aliens 30th Anniversary: The Original Comics Series, Author: Mark Verheiden
Title: Mass Effect, Volume 1, Author: Mac Walters
Title: Invader Zim Hardcover, Volume One, Author: Jhonen Vasquez
Title: Dragon Age Library Edition Volume 1, Author: David Gaider
Title: Aliens: The Original Comics Series-Nightmare Asylum and Earth War, Author: Mark Verheiden
Title: Metal Gear Solid Omnibus, Author: Alex Garner
Title: Comic Book Tattoo: Tales Inspired by Tori Amos, Author: Pia Guerra
Title: Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Down Town (Signed Limited Edition), Author: Jim Butcher
Title: Star Trek: Gold Key Archives, Volume 4, Author: Arnold Drake
Title: Star Trek: The Stardate Collection Volume 1, Author: John Byrne
Title: Star Trek: The Stardate Collection, Volume 2 - Under the Command of Christopher Pike, Author: Ian Edginton
Title: Heroes Omnibus, Author: Aron Eli Coleite
Title: Forgotten Realms: The Dark Elf Trilogy Omnibus (Graphic Novel), Author: Tim Seeley
Title: The Long Road Home (Dark Tower Graphic Novel Series #2), Author: Stephen King
Title: Forgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt Boxed Set - Books 1-3: Homeland/Exile/Sojourn (Graphic Novel), Author: R. A. Salvatore
Title: Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume 2, Author: Stephenie Meyer
Title: Star Trek: The Next Generation Omnibus, Author: David Tischman
Title: A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel, Volume One, Author: George R. R. Martin
Title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales, Author: Joss Whedon

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