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Title: The Twin Stars, Author: Bridgette Portman
#1 in Series
Title: World After: An Ending Legacy Prequel, Author: Lindsey Pogue
Title: Dealing with Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles Series #1), Author: Patricia C. Wrede
Title: The Life Below, Author: Alexandra Monir
Title: Soul Sucker, Author: Kayla Maurais
Title: Torn, Author: Carian Cole
Title: SPVCE, Author: a. w. karen
Title: Crownchasers, Author: Rebecca Coffindaffer
Title: Daybreak Sentinel, Author: Kendra Merritt Pre-Order Now
Title: A Duel in Time: A Time Travel Romance, Author: Cidney Swanson
Title: Seven Crowns, Author: E.V. Everest
#1 in Series
Title: A New Clan, Author: David Weber
#4 in Series
Title: Girl of Glass, Author: Megan O'russell
Title: Chimera Skies, Author: Sharlene Healy
#1 in Series
Title: Surviving Daybreak, Author: Kendra Merritt
#1 in Series
Title: Hunted, Author: Sophie Davis
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Title: Return (The Invasion ChroniclesBook Four): A Science Fiction Thriller, Author: Morgan Rice
#4 in Series
Title: Survive, Author: Vera Nazarian
#4 in Series
Title: Legends Untold, Author: Sophie Davis
#3 in Series
Title: The Secret Runners, Author: Matthew Reilly

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