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Title: What Magnets Can Do, Author: Allan Fowler
Title: Amazing Magnetism (Magic School Bus Chapter Book Series #12), Author: Rebecca Carmi
Title: What Makes a Magnet?, Author: Franklyn M. Branley
Title: Magnets: Pulling Together, Pushing Apart, Author: Natalie M. Rosinsky
Title: Investigating Magnetism, Author: Sally M. Walker
Title: The Attractive Story of Magnetism with Max Axiom, Super Scientist, Author: Andrea Gianopoulos
Title: Electromagnetism for Babies, Author: Chris Ferrie Pre-Order Now
Title: A Look at Magnets, Author: Barbara Alpert
Title: Magnets and Electricity (Super Science Activities Series), Author: Ruth Young
Title: Electricity and Magnetism: Static Electricity, Current Electricity, and Magnets, Author: John B. Beaver Ph.D.
Title: The Attractive Truth about Magnetism, Author: Jennifer Swanson
Title: Electromagnetism (Content and Literacy in Science Grade 3), Author: Jenna Winterberg
Title: Scientific American: Electromagnetism, and How It Works, Author: Stephen M. Tomecek
Title: Experiments with Electricity and Magnetism, Author: Chris Woodford
Title: Magnets Push, Magnets Pull, Author: Mark Weakland
Title: Experiments With Magnets, Author: Dale Marie Bryan
Title: Mighty Magnets, Author: Nadia Higgins
Title: Imanes: Atraen y Rechazan, Author: Natalie M. Rosinsky
Title: La historia atractiva del magnetismo con Max Axiom, supercientifico, Author: Andrea Gianopoulos
Title: Electricity and Magnetism, Author: Dana Meachen Rau

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