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Title: It Makes Sense! Using the Hundreds Chart to Build Number Sense, Grades K-2: Using the Hundreds Chart to Build Number Sense, Grades K-2, Author: Melissa Conklin
Title: Well Played, K-2: Building Mathematical Thinking Through Number Games and Puzzles, Grades K-2, Author: Linda Dacey Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Children's Mathematics: Cognitively Guided Instruction / Edition 1, Author: Thomas P Carpenter
Title: Numbers, Author: Frank Schaffer Publications
Title: Alien Math, Author: Marya Washington Tyler
Title: Why Can't I Have Everything?: Teaching Today's Children to Be Financially and Mathematically Savvy, Grades PreK-2, Author: Jane Crawford
Title: Teaching Number Sense, Kindergarten, Author: Chris Confer
Title: Introduction to Integration, Author: H. a. Priestley
Title: How the Arabs Invented Algebra: The History of the Concept of Variables, Author: Tika Downey
Title: Mathematical Beginnings: Problem Solving for Young Children, Author: Janine Blinko
Title: What Is Round?, Author: Dotlich
Title: Zip Around Games Math, Author: Dorothy VanderJagt
Title: Addition, Author: Stan Collins
Title: Math In A Bag, Author: Nancy A. Silva
Title: File Folder Games for the Christian Classroom, Author: Margaret Shauers
Title: How Big is the Moon?: Whole Maths in Action, Author: Heinemann
Title: What's Your Problem?: Posing and Solving Mathematical Problems, K-2, Author: Penny Skinner
Title: Super Source: Pattern Blocks, Author: Cusinaire
Title: Calculation Station: Learning Center Projects for Math, Author: Kathy Douglas
Title: Number Power: A Cooperative Approach to Mathematics and Social Development, Author: Laurel Robertson

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