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Title: City of Dreadful Delight: Narratives of Sexual Danger in Late-Victorian London / Edition 2, Author: Judith R. Walkowitz
Title: Imperial Leather: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Colonial Conquest / Edition 1, Author: Anne Mcclintock
Title: Singlewomen in the European Past, 1250-1800 / Edition 1, Author: Judith M. Bennett
Title: Fabricating Women: The Seamstresses of Old Regime France, 1675-1791, Author: Clare Haru Crowston
Title: Ruskin and Gender, Author: Dinah Birch
Title: Women of Their Time: Generation, Gender Issues and Feminism, Author: Jane Pilcher
Title: Women and Gender in Early Modern Wales, Author: Michael Roberts
Title: Sex and Subjection: Attitudes to Women in Early Modern Society, Author: Margaret R. Sommerville
Title: Gender in Eighteenth-Century England: Roles, Representations and Responsibilities, Author: Hannah Barker
Title: The Cultural Identity of Seventeenth Century Woman: A Reader, Author: Neil Keeble
Title: Gender and Domestic Life: Changing Practices in Families and Households, Author: Tony Chapman
Title: Gender, Sex, and Subordination in England, 1500-1800 / Edition 1, Author: Anthony Fletcher
Title: Key Issues in Women's Work: Female Diversity and the Polarisation of Women's Employment, Author: Catherine Hakim
Title: Desire and Discipline: Sex and Sexuality in the Premodern West, Author: Konrad Eisenbichler
Title: Gender and Medieval Monasticism: The Archaeology of Religious Women, Author: Roberta Gilchrist
Title: Men in the Nursery: Gender and Caring Work / Edition 1, Author: Claire Cameron
Title: Women's Work: The English Experience 1650-1914, Author: Pamela Sharpe
Title: Machiavelli in Love: Sex, Self, and Society in the Italian Renaissance, Author: Guido Ruggiero
Title: Edging Women Out: Victorian Novelists, Publishers and Social Change, Author: Gaye Tuchman
Title: Gendering Spanish Democracy, Author: Monica Threlfall

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