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Title: Daily Life in the Middle Ages / Edition 1, Author: Paul B. Newman
Title: Costume, Author: L Rowland-Warne
Title: Childhood at Court 1819-1914, Author: John Van der Kiste
Title: Irish History for Children, Author: P. W. Joyce
Title: The History of Slavery in New York City for Kids, Author: Charlene Ryan
Title: The Home Front, Author: Brenda Williams
Title: Clothes and Fashion, Author: Felicity Brooks
Title: What Life Was Like in the Age of Chivalry: Medieval Europe, AD 800-1500, Author: Time-Life Books
Title: History of Making Books: From Clay Tablets, Papyrus Rolls, and Illuminated Manuscripts to the Printing Press, Author: Scholastic Books Inc.
Title: Baseball in the 20th Century: The Deadball Era, Author: Don Lankiewicz
Title: What People Wore in Early America, Author: Allison Stark Draper
Title: Medieval Women, Author: Eileen Edna Power
Title: Absent Through Want of Boots: Diary of a Victorian School in Leicestershire, Author: Robert Elverstone
Title: Lady Buff and Yardstick - The Three-Footed Kitten (Short Stories, #2), Author: Dutch Rhudy
Title: Mummies, Masks, and Mourners, Author: Margaret Berrill
Title: Colonial American Holidays and Entertainment, Author: Karen Helene Lizom
Title: The Costume Timeline: A History of Fashion from 3,000 B.C to the Present, Author: Muller
Title: Temporary Tattoos, Author: Erick Aveline
Title: Imagine That - Football: The History of Football Rewritten, Author: Michael Sells
Title: Irish or Scottish? An Explanation for Kids, Author: Jonathan Madden

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