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Title: Timber Frame Hybrids, Author: Anthony F. Zaya
Title: Lincoln Steffens, Author: Justin Kaplan
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Title: Communication: From Hieroglyphs to Hyperlinks, Author: Richard Platt
Title: Knowing Right from Wrong: The Insanity Defense of Daniel McNaughton, Author: Richard Moran
Title: Women and the American Labor Movement: From the First Trade Unions to the Present, Author: Philip Sheldon Foner
Title: Contemporary Scrimshaw, Author: Eva Halat
Title: Risk, Ruin, and Riches: Inside the World of Big-Time Real Estate, Author: James E. Powell
Title: Crimsoned Prairie, Author: Samuel L. A. Marshall
Title: Why Can't Woman Be More Like Man?, Author: Celia Halas
Title: Historical Jesus, Author: Gaalyah Cornfeld
Title: A Time to Be Rich, Author: Lacy H. Hunt
Title: Elements of Editing, Author: Plotnik
Title: Infiltration, Author: Albert Speer
Title: A Natural History of Sex: The Evolution of Sexual Behavior in Man and Other Living Things, Author: Adrian Forsyth
Title: The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion, Author: James George Frazer
Title: Folklore of American Holidays, Author: Hennig Cohen
Title: The Jewish Mind, Author: Raphael Patai
Title: Sweet Success: How to Understand the Men in Your Business Life - and Win with Your Own Rules, Author: Kathryn B. Stechert
Title: Let's Celebrate America, Author: Dawn Bentley
Title: Ernest Hemingway and His World, Author: Anthony Burgess

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