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Title: The Very First Americans, Author: Cara Ashrose
Title: North American Indians, Author: Douglas Gorsline
Title: Raven: A Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest, Author: Gerald McDermott
Title: How the Stars Fell into the Sky: A Navajo Legend, Author: Lisa Desimini
Title: The Earth under Sky Bear's Feet, Author: Joseph Bruchac
Title: If You Lived with the Indians of the Northwest Coast, Author: Kamma
Title: Totem Tale: A Tall Story from Alaska (Paws IV Series), Author: Deb Vanasse
Title: Turtle's Race With Beaver, Author: Joseph Bruchac
Title: When Clay Sings, Author: Byrd Baylor
Title: Children of the Midnight Sun: Young Native Voices of Alaska, Author: Tricia Brown
Title: Las huellas secretas (The Secret Footprints), Author: Julia Alverez
Title: Only the Names Remain: The Cherokees and The Trail of Tears, Author: Alex W. Bealer
Title: Powwow, Author: George Ancona
Title: Native American Animal Stories, Author: Joseph Bruchac III
Title: Sharing Circle, Author: Theresa Meuse
Title: Hopi (True Books), Author: Andrew Santella
Title: Native American Stories, Author: Michael Caduto
Title: Sacred Song of the Hermit Thrush: A Native American Legend, Author: Tehanetorens
Title: Between Earth & Sky: Legends of Native American Sacred Places, Author: Joseph Bruchac
Title: The Girl Who Married the Moon: Tales from Native North America, Author: Joseph Bruchac

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