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Title: Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis, Author: Robert D. Putnam
Title: Ain't No Makin' It: Aspirations and Attainment in a Low-Income Neighborhood, Third Edition / Edition 3, Author: Jay MacLeod
Title: The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger, Author: Richard Wilkinson
Title: Class Matters, Author: The New York Times
Title: Who Stole the American Dream?, Author: Hedrick Smith
Title: Scratch Beginnings: Me, $25, and the Search for the American Dream, Author: Adam W. Shepard
Title: Limbo: Blue-Collar Roots, White-Collar Dreams / Edition 1, Author: Alfred Lubrano
Title: The Triple Package: How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America, Author: Amy Chua
Title: The Son Also Rises: Surnames and the History of Social Mobility, Author: Gregory Clark
Title: The Way Back: Restoring the Promise of America, Author: F. H. Buckley
Title: Class Analysis And Social Transformation, Author: Mike Savage
Title: Blacks in the White Elite: Will the Progress Continue? / Edition 1, Author: Richard L. Zweigenhaft
Title: This Fine Place So Far from Home: Voices of Academics from the Working Class, Author: C.L. Dews
Title: Limbo: Blue-Collar Roots, White-Collar Dreams, Author: Alfred Lubrano
Title: Caste, Class and Democracy: Changes in a Stratification System, Author: Vijai P. Singh
Title: Unmaking the Public University: The Forty-Year Assault on the Middle Class, Author: Christopher Newfield
Title: The Social Mobility of Women: Beyond Male Mobility Models, Author: Geoff Payne; Pamela Abbott both of the University of Plymouth.
Title: Opportunity and Change, Author: David L. Featherman
Title: Caught in the Middle: Contradictions in the Lives of Sociologists from Working-Class Backgrounds, Author: Michael D. Grimes
Title: Intergenerational Occupational Mobility in the United States: A Segmentation Perspective, Author: Marshall I. Pomer

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