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Title: An Introduction to Group Work Practice / Edition 8, Author: Ronald W. Toseland
Title: A Mutual-Aid Model for Social Work with Groups / Edition 3, Author: Dominique Moyse Steinberg
Title: Handbook of Social Work with Groups, First Edition / Edition 1, Author: Charles D. Garvin
Title: Dynamics and Skills of Group Counseling / Edition 1, Author: Lawrence Shulman
Title: Mutual Aid Groups, Vulnerable and Resilient Populations, and the Life Cycle / Edition 3, Author: Alex Gitterman
Title: Journey Beyond Abuse: A Step-By-Step Guide to Facilitating Women's Domestic Abuse Groups, Author: Michael McGrane
Title: Extraordinary Groups: How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results, Author: Geoffrey M. Bellman
Title: Group Work with Populations At-Risk / Edition 4, Author: Geoffrey Greif
Title: A Guide to Evidence-Based Group Work / Edition 1, Author: Mark J. Macgowan
Title: Social Work with Groups / Edition 3, Author: Helen Northen
Title: Individual Change Through Small Groups, Author: Martin Sundel
Title: THE ESSENTIAL GROUPWORKER / Edition 1, Author: Catherine Sawdon
Title: More Than a Game: A New Focus on Senior Activity Services / Edition 1, Author: Brenda Corbett
Title: Social Work with Groups: Social Justice Through Personal, Community, and Social Change, Author: N. Sullivan
Title: Advances in Group Work Research, Author: Aaron Brower
Title: Group Leadership: A Manual for Group Counseling Leaders / Edition 3, Author: Marguerite R. Carroll
Title: Task-Centered Practice with Families and Groups, Author: Anne E. Fortune
Title: Still Kicking, Author: Abby Brown-Watson
Title: Boundaries of Change in Community Work, Author: Paul Henderson
Title: Groupwork With Suburbia's Children, Author: Andrew Malekoff

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