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Title: Lives Turned Upside Down: Homeless Children in Their Own Words and Photographs, Author: Jim Hubbard
Title: Pepe: El cura de la villa, Author: Silvina Premat
Title: Drug Testing, Author: Judy Monroe
Title: Colombia, Author: Christopher Hughes
Title: World Poverty (Face the Facts Series), Author: Rob Bowden
Title: Homeless, Author: Elaine Landau
Title: Substance Abuse Prevention Activities for Secondary Students; Ready-to-Use Lessons, Fact Sheets, and Resources for Grades 7-12, Author: Patricia J. Gerne
Title: Cocaine and Crack, Author: James E. Barter
Title: Straight Talk about Drinking: Teenagers Speak Out about Alcohol, Author: Wayne R. Coffey
Title: Marijuana, Author: Martin Godfrey
Title: Working Together against Homelessness, Author: Eugene Hurwitz
Title: Drugs and Women, Author: Paul Nordstrom August
Title: The Drug War, Author: Steve Parker
Title: What Teenagers Are Saying about Drugs and Alcohol, Author: Chris Lutes
Title: Fighting Poverty, Author: Nicola Barber
Title: Poverty: Locating the Author's Main Idea, Author: Carol O'Sullivan
Title: Dirty: A Search for Answers Inside America's Teenage Drug Epidemic, Author: Meredith Maran
Title: Focus on Marijuana, Author: Paula Klevan Zeller
Title: Homelessness, Author: Mark McCauslin
Title: The Drug Problem: American Issues Debated, Author: Herbert M. Levine

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