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Title: Understanding Society: An Introductory Reader / Edition 5, Author: Margaret L. Andersen
Title: The Contexts Reader / Edition 2, Author: Douglas Hartmann
Title: The Foundations of Social Research: Meaning and Perspective in the Research Process / Edition 1, Author: Michael J Crotty
Title: THINK Sociology / Edition 2, Author: John D. Carl
Title: A Sociology Writer's Guide / Edition 1, Author: Linda L. Yellin
Title: Need to Know: Social Science Research Methods / Edition 1, Author: Lisa J. McIntyre
Title: Analyzing Social Settings: A Guide to Qualitative Observation and Analysis / Edition 4, Author: John Lofland
Title: The Sociology Student Writer's Manual / Edition 6, Author: William A. Johnson Jr.
Title: Organizational Research Methods: A Guide for Students and Researchers / Edition 1, Author: Paul M Brewerton
Title: Racing Research, Researching Race: Methodological Dilemmas in Critical Race Studies, Author: France Winddance Twine
Title: The Logic of Social Research / Edition 1, Author: Arthur L. Stinchcombe
Title: Researching Society and Culture / Edition 1, Author: Clive Seale
Title: How It's Done: An Invitation to Social Research (with InfoTrac) / Edition 2, Author: Emily Stier Adler
Title: Researching Social Life / Edition 2, Author: Nigel Gilbert
Title: Writing with Style: APA Style for Social Work / Edition 1, Author: Lenore T. Szuchman
Title: Social Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches, Author: William Lawrence Neuman
Title: Sociology and Social Research (RLE Social Theory), Author: Geoff Payne
Title: The Sociology Student Writer's Manual / Edition 2, Author: William Johnson
Title: Reponses, Author: Pierre Bourdieu
Title: Research Methods and Society: Foundations of Social Inquiry / Edition 1, Author: Linda Dorsten

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