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Title: History of Congo, Author: Didier Gondola Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Consuming the Congo: War and Conflict Minerals in the World's Deadliest Place, Author: Peter Eichstaedt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: ROAD TO KALAMATA: A Congo Mercenary's Personal Memoir, Author: Mike Hoare
Title: United States Relations with Belgium and the Congo, 1940-1960, Author: Ellen Gardiner
Title: Congo: The Epic History of a People, Author: David Van Reybrouck Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Kinshasa in Transition: Women's Education, Employment, and Fertility, Author: B. Oleko Tambashe
Title: The Irish Army in the Congo, 1960-1964: The Far Battalions, Author: David O'Donoghue
Title: Death and the Invisible Powers: The World of Kongo Belief, Author: Simon Bockie
Title: Zaire: Continuity And Political Change In An Oppressive State, Author: Winsome J Leslie
Title: Zaire, Author: Dawn Bastian Williams
Title: Red Rubber: The Story of the Rubber Slave Trade Flourishing on the Congo in the Year of Grace 1906, Author: Edmund D. Morel
Title: Congo-Paris: Transnational Traders on the Margins of the Law, Author: Janet MacGaffey
Title: Historical Dictionary of Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire), Author: F. Scott Bobb
Title: Zaire in Pictures, Author: Lerner Geography Department
Title: America's Tyrant: The CIA and Mobutu of Zaire, Author: Sean K. Kelly
Title: The Political Economy of Third World Intervention: Mines, Money, and U. S. Policy in the Congo Crisis, Author: David N. Gibbs
Title: Kings and Clans: Ijwi Island and the Lake Kivu Rift, 1780-1840, Author: David Newbury
Title: The Congo-Zaire Experience, 1960-98, Author: E. O'Ballance
Title: Bureaucratic Corruption in the Third World, Author: David J. Gould
Title: Catastrophe and Creation / Edition 1, Author: K. Elkholm Friedmann Read an excerpt of this book!

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