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Title: Starship Troopers, Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Title: Silent Order: Iron Hand, Author: Jonathan Moeller
Title: Kris Longknife - Admiral, Author: Mike Shepherd
Title: The Survivors Book One, Author: Angela White
Title: Fractured Worlds: Ten YA Dystopian Novels by Bestselling Authors, Author: Dean Murray
Title: The Reflective (#1): Free New Adult Dark Paranormal Romance, Author: Tamara Rose Blodgett
Title: Star Nomad, Author: Lindsay Buroker
Title: Forever War, Author: Joe Haldeman
Title: Changing of the Guard, Author: Thomas DePrima
Title: Starship Conquest - Stellar Conquest Series Book 1, Author: David VanDyke
Title: Star King, Author: Susan Grant
Title: Stranded With the Cyborg, Author: Cara Bristol
Title: Kris Longknife: Emissary, Author: Mike Shepherd
Title: Kris Longknife's Relief, Author: Mike Shepherd
Title: Ancillary Justice, Author: Ann Leckie
Title: Call to Arms (Corps Series #2), Author: W. E. B. Griffin
Title: Hell Divers, Author: Nicholas Sansbury Smith
Title: Milor, Author: Thomas DePrima
Title: Kris Longknife's Maid Goes on Strike, Author: Mike Shepherd
Title: A Peace Divided, Author: Tanya Huff

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