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Title: Aproximaciones al estudio de la literatura hispanica / Edition 7, Author: Carmelo Virgillo
Title: A New History of Spanish Literature, Author: Kessel Schwartz
Title: At the Margins of the Renaissance: Lazarillo de Tormes and the Picaresque Art of Survival, Author: Giancarlo Maiorino
Title: Gender and Nation in the Spanish Modernist Novel, Author: Roberta Johnson
Title: Spanish Picaresque Novel, Author: Peter N. Dunn
Title: Latina Lesbian Writers and Artists, Author: Maria Dolores Costa
Title: Embodying Enlightenment: Knowing the Body in Eighteenth-Century Spanish Literature and Culture, Author: Rebecca Haidt
Title: Vo, Author: Mary Lee Bretz
Title: Perceptions of Magic in Medieval Spanish Literature, Author: Jennifer M. Corry
Title: The Language of Evaluation: A Sociolinguistic Approach to the Story of Pedro el Cruel in Ballad and Chronicle, Author: Louise Mirrer-Singer
Title: Iconography in Medieval Spanish Literature, Author: John E. Keller
Title: Marriage and Sexuality in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia, Author: Eukene Lacarra Lanz
Title: Waiting for Pegasus: Studies of the Presence of Symbolism and Decadence in Hispanic Letters, Author: Roland Grass
Title: Women in Hispanic Literature: Icons and Fallen Idols, Author: Beth Miller
Title: Early Spanish American Narrative, Author: Naomi Lindstrom
Title: Writing and Inscription in Golden Age Drama, Author: Charles Oriel
Title: Confessions of the Letter Closet: Epistolary Fiction and Queer Desire in Modern Spain, Author: Patrick Paul Garlinger
Title: The Evolution of the Pastoral Novel in Early Modern Spain, Author: Dominick L. Finello
Title: En Brazos de la Mujer Fetiche, Author: Lucia Etxebarria
Title: Spanish Picaresque Fiction: A New Literary History, Author: Peter N. Dunn

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