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Title: An Essay on the Life and Genius of Calderon: With Translations from His 'Life's a Dream' and 'Great Theatre of the World', Author: Richard Chenevix Trench
Title: Prison and the Labyrinth - Studies in Calderonian Tragedy, Author: Gwynne Edwards
Title: Role-Play and the World as Stage in the Comedia, Author: Jonathan Thacker
Title: La Puesta En Escena En Los Teatros Comerciales Del Siglo de Oro, Author: Jose M. Ruano De La Haza
Title: Panoramica del teatro espanol y latinoamericano del siglo XX, Author: Klaus Portl
Title: The Mind and Art of Calderon: Essays on the Comedias, Author: Alexander Augustine Parker
Title: El Teatro en la Espana del Siglo XIX, Author: David Thatcher Gies
Title: Songs of Mortals, Dialogues of the Gods: Music and Theatre in Seventeenth-Century Spain, Author: Louise K. Stein
Title: Neo-classic Drama in Spain: Theory and Practice, Author: John A. Cook
Title: Three Plays by Moreto and Their Adaptation in France, Author: Hilda Rissel
Title: Life's a dream : the great theatre of the world, Author: Pedro Calderon de la Barca
Title: Calderon, Author: Heinz Gerstinger
Title: The Ambivalence of Imperial Discourse: Cervantes's La Numancia within the 'Lost Generation' of Spanish Drama (1570-90), Author: Aaron M. Kahn
Title: Dramaturgas Esp. de Hoy (Contemporary Spanish Women Playwrights), Author: Patricia T. O'Conner
Title: Anatomia y Escenificacion: La Representacion Del Cuerpo Humano en el Teatro de Calderon de la Barca, Author: Patricia A. Marshall
Title: Honor Conflicts and the Role of the Imagination in Selected Days by John Fletcher and Lope de Vega, Author: Margaret R. Hicks
Title: Stages of Desire: The Mythological Tradition in Classical and Contemporary Spanish Theater, Author: Michael Kidd
Title: Der Arte Nuevo von Lope de Vega: Theaterwissenschaftliche Erschliessung eines
Title: Writing and Inscription in Golden Age Drama, Author: Charles Oriel
Title: Visions of the New World in the Drama of Lope de Vega, Author: Robert M. Shannon

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