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Title: The medieval theater in Castile, Author: Charlotte Stern
Title: Monarchy, Political Culture and Drama in Seventeenth-Century Madrid - Theater of Negotiation, Author: Jodi Campbell
Title: Calderon in the German Lands and the Low Countries: His Reception and Influence, 1654-1980, Author: Henry W. Sullivan
Title: Teatro Y Sociedad En El Madrid Del Siglo XVIII, Author: Rene Andioc
Title: Stages of Desire: The Mythological Tradition in Classical and Contemporary Spanish Theater, Author: Michael Kidd
Title: El Bien Mas Alto: A Reconsideration of Lope de Vega's Honor Plays, Author: Alix Zuckerman-Ingber
Title: Honor Conflicts and the Role of the Imagination in Selected Days by John Fletcher and Lope de Vega, Author: Margaret R. Hicks
Title: Approaches to the Theater of Calderon, Author: Michael D. McGaha
Title: Woman and Society in the Spanish Drama of the Golden Age: A Study of the Mujer Varonil, Author: Melveena McKendrick
Title: Erfahrungen der Rache im englischen und spanischen Drama der Bluetezeit, Author: Sabine Ulrike Buckmann-de Villegas Lopez
Title: Ideologia y Discurso Critico sobre el Teatro de Espana y America Latina, Author: Juan Villegas
Title: Exilios: 18 Obras de Teatro de Autores Argentinos, Espa~Noles Y Mexicanos, Author: Antonio Alamo
Title: The Literature of Jealousy in the Age of Cervantes, Author: Steven Wagschal
Title: The Play of Power: Mythological Court Dramas of Calderon de la Barca, Author: Margaret Rich Greer
Title: Samuel Pepys's Spanish Plays, Author: Edward Meryon Wilson
Title: Calderon and the Seizures of Honor, Author: Edwin Honig
Title: Panoramica del teatro espanol y latinoamericano del siglo XX, Author: Klaus Portl
Title: El Texto Puesto en Escena: Estudios sobre la comedia del siglo de oro en honor a Everett W. Hesse, Author: Anita K. Stoll
Title: El Nuevo Mundo de la Risa, Author: Javier Huerta Calvo
Title: Reading for the Stage: Calderon and his Contemporaries, Author: Isaac Benabu

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