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Title: Rebellion Is the Circle of a Lover's Hands, Author: Martin Espada
Title: Renaissance and Baroque Poetry of Spain / Edition 1, Author: Elias L. Rivers
Title: Introduction to Spanish Poetry (Dual-Language), Author: Eugenio Florit Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Un Corazon Dividido/A Split Heart, Author: Maricel Mayor Marsan
Title: Poesias Inmortales Para Toda Ocasion, Author: Rene De La Puente
Title: Petrarch and Garcilaso: A Linguistic Approach to Style, Author: Sharon Ghertman
Title: Absence and Presence: Spanish Women Poets of the Twenties and Thirties, Author: C. G. Bellver
Title: At Home and Beyond: New Essays on Spanish Poets of the Twenties, Author: Salvador J. Fajardo
Title: Medieval Spanish Epic: Mythic Roots and Ritual Language, Author: Thomas Montgomery
Title: La Voz Diseminada: Hacia Una Teoria Del Sujeto En la Poesia Espa~Nola, Author: Laura Scarano
Title: Knowledge and Symbolization in Saint John of the Cross, Author: Elizabeth Wilhelmsen
Title: Libro de Buen Amor Studies, Author: G.B. Gybbon-Monypenny
Title: Language, Authority, and Indigenous History in the Comentarios reales de los Incas, Author: E. Pupo-Walker
Title: Poesia Completa, Author: Jorge Manrique
Title: After the War: Essays on Recent Spanish Poetry, Author: Salvador Jimenez-Fajardo
Title: Discovery of Poetry: Essays in Honor of Andrew P. Debicki, Author: Roberta Johnson
Title: Al Que en Buen Hora Nacio: Essays on the Spanish Epic and Ballad in Honour of Colin Smith, Author: Brian Powell
Title: La Metrica Espanola En SU Contexto Romanico, Author: Isabel Paraiso
Title: Music In Ancient Arabia And Spain, Author: Julian Ribera
Title: Poem of the Cid, Author: W. S. Merwin

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