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Title: Wellington's Men, Author: W. H. Fitchett
Title: Recollections of Rifleman Harris, Author: Benjamin Randell Harris
Title: The War of the Austrian Succession / Edition 1, Author: Reed S. Browning
Title: In These Times: Living in Britain Through Napoleon's Wars, 1793-1815, Author: Jenny Uglow
Title: The Other War of 1812: The Patriot War and the American Invasion of Spanish East Florida, Author: James Cusick
Title: Talavera: Wellington's First Victory in Spain, Author: Andrew W. Field
Title: Wellington in the Peninsula: 1808-1814, Author: Jac Weller
Title: Peninsula Years: Britain's Red Coats in Spain and Portugal, Author: D. S. Richards
Title: Black Society in Spanish Florida / Edition 1, Author: Peter H. Wood
Title: WELLINGTON'S ARMY 1809-1814, Author: Sir Charles Oman
Title: Goya, Author: Robert Hughes
Title: Twenty-Five years in the Rifle Brigade, Author: Quartermaster William Surtees
Title: Mullet on the Beach: The Minorcans of Florida, 1768-1788, Author: Patricia C. Griffin
Title: Life of Sir John Moore: Not a Drum Was Heard, Author: Roger Day
Title: The Adventures Of A Light Dragoon In The Napoleonic Wars - A Cavalryman During The Peninsular & Waterloo Campaigns, In Captivity & At The Siege Of Bhurtpore, India, Author: George Farmer
Title: Bayonets, Bugles & Bonnets - Experiences Of Hard Soldiering With The 71st Foot - The Highland Light Infantry - Through Many Battles Of The Napoleonic Wars During The Peninsular & Waterloo Campaigns, Author: James 'Thomas' Todd
Title: The Compleat Rifleman Harris - The Adventures Of A Soldier Of The 95th (Rifles) During The Peninsular Campaign Of The Napoleonic Wars, Author: Benjamin Harris
Title: Rifleman Costello, Author: E Costello
Title: Bugler & Officer Of The Rifles-With The 95th Rifles During The Peninsular & Waterloo Campaigns Of The Napoleonic Wars, Author: William Green
Title: With Wellington's Light Cavalry - The Experiences Of An Officer Of The 16th Light Dragoons In The Peninsular And Waterloo Campaigns Of The Napoleonic Wars, Author: William Tomkinson

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