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Title: The Gentlemen's Hour, Author: Don Winslow
Title: The Dawn Patrol, Author: Don Winslow
Title: Floaters, Author: Joseph Wambaugh
Title: The Tribes of Palos Verdes, Author: Joy Nicholson
Title: Frozen Stiff, Author: Sherry Shahan
Title: Tapping the Source, Author: Kem Nunn
Title: Eternal on the Water, Author: Joseph Monninger
Title: Bahamas Blue (Tiller Galloway Series #2), Author: David Poyer
Title: The Dogs of Winter, Author: Kem Nunn
Title: Flat Water Tuesday: A Novel, Author: Ron Irwin
Title: Groundswell, Author: Katie Lee
Title: Hatteras Blue (Tiller Galloway Series #1), Author: David Poyer
Title: Crabbe's Journey, Author: William Bell
Title: Dangerous Waters: Undersea Adventure in the Deep Blue of the Pacific and the Caribbean, Author: Paul J. Mila
Title: Black Water (A Mitch Mitchell Mystery), Author: Doug Allyn
Title: Dark Water Dive, Author: Kathy Brandt
Title: Swimming Pool Sunday, Author: Madeleine Wickham
Title: Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo, Author: Tim Winton
Title: The Swimming Pool Season, Author: Rose Tremain
Title: Louisiana Blue (Tiller Galloway Series #3), Author: David Poyer

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