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Title: Swoosh: The Unauthorized Story of Nike and the Men Who Played There, Author: J. B. Strasser
Title: Minimalist Running Shoes, Author: Nicholas Pang
Title: Materials in Sports Equipment, Volume 2, Author: A. Subic
Title: Board: Surf/Skate/Snow Graphics, Author: Patrick Burgoyne
Title: The Engineering of Sport: Research, Development and Innovation, Author: AJ Subic
Title: Cabela's: World's Foremost Outfitter: A History, Author: David Cabela
Title: Sports Equipment Price Guide, Author: David Bushing
Title: Sports Equipment Management, Author: Marcia L. Walker
Title: The Puma Story: The Remarkable Turnaround of an Endangered Species Into One of the World's Hottest Sportlifestyle Brands, Author: Rolf-Herbert Peters
Title: Swoosh: The Story of Nike and the Men Who Played There, Author: J. B. Strasser
Title: The Sporting Goods Industry: History, Practices and Products, Author: Richard A. Lipsey
Title: Sports Graphics, Author: Pie Books
Title: How to Start and Manage a Sporting Goods Store Business: Step by Step Guide to Starting Your Own Business, Author: Leslie D. Renn
Title: Sporting Craftsmen: A Complete Guide To Contemporary Makers of Custom-Built Sporting Equipment, Author: Art Carter
Title: Creative Physical Activities & Equipment, Author: Beverly Davison
Title: The Legend of Eddie Bauer, Author: Robert Spector
Title: Just Do It: The Nike Spirit in the Corporate World, Author: Donald Katz
Title: Trainers, Author: Sandrine Pereira
Title: Engineering of Sport 6, Author: Eckehard Moritz
Title: Ultimate Tennis Gear Guide, Author: Kent Johnstone

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