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Title: Ever Increasing Faith, Author: Smith Wigglesworth
Title: Bible Workbook Vol. 2 New Testament, Author: Catherine B. Walker
Title: Life Lessons from Matthew: The Carpenter King, Author: Max Lucado
Title: Life Lessons from 1, 2, 3 John and Jude: Living and Loving by Truth, Author: Max Lucado
Title: Life Lessons from Revelation: Final Curtain Call, Author: Max Lucado
Title: Romans: The Gospel of Grace, Author: David Jeremiah
Title: Life Lessons from James: Practical Wisdom, Author: Max Lucado
Title: Life Lessons from Psalms: A Praise Book for God's People, Author: Max Lucado
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Title: Strong's Greek and Hebrew Dictionary of the Bible (originally an appendix to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance) + The Comprehensive Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic Glossary (with beautiful Greek, Hebrew, transliteration, and superior navigation), Author: James Strong
Title: The Twelve Disciples: The Life and Ministry of Jesus' 12 Disciples, Author: Rose Publishing
Title: Women of the Bible: New Testament, Author: Benjamin Galan
Title: Sessions with John: The Vocabulary of Grace, Author: Robert B. Setzer Jr.
Title: Life Lessons from Romans: God's Big Picture, Author: Max Lucado
Title: The Theology of the Book of Revelation / Edition 1, Author: Richard Bauckham
Title: Introducing the New Testament: A Short Guide to Its History and Message, Author: D. A. Carson
Title: Philippians: The Joy of Living in Christ, Author: David Jeremiah
Title: The Gospel of John: Ignatius Catholic Study Bible, Author: Scott Hahn
Title: Blood on the Altar: The Coming War Between Christian vs. Christian, Author: Thomas Horn
Title: Life Lessons from Luke: Jesus, the Son of Man, Author: Max Lucado
Title: Life Lessons from John: When God Became Man, Author: Max Lucado

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