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Title: State and Local Taxation: Principles and Planning / Edition 1, Author: John E. Karayan
Title: The\Law of Federal Income Taxation / Edition 1, Author: Joshua D. Rosenberg
Title: How to Reduce Your Property Tax: A Comprehensive Guide to Residential Property Taxes in the..., Author: Frank Jack Adler
Title: Treatise on the Law of Taxation, Including the Law of Local Assessments, Author: Thomas McIntyre Cooley
Title: The Political Economy of Fiscal Limits, Author: John J. Kirlin
Title: Your Low-Tax Dream House: A New Approach to Slashing the Costs of Home Ownership, Author: Steve Carlson
Title: Local Government Finance in North Carolina, Author: David M. Lawrence
Title: State and Local Tax Problems, Author: Harry L. Johnson
Title: Cutting Back City Hall, Author: Robert Poole Jr.
Title: Digging for Gold in Your Own Backyard: The Complete Homeowners Guide to Lowering Your Real Estate Taxes, Author: Gary Whalen
Title: State and Local Taxation and Finance in a Nutshell, Author: M. David Gelfand
Title: Property Taxes and House Values, Author: John M. Yinger
Title: Coping with Proposition 13, Author: Roger L. Kemp
Title: State Tax Handbook (2013), Author: CCH Tax Law Editors
Title: Proposition Thirteen and Its Consequences for Public Management, Author: Council for Applied Social Research Staff
Title: California and the American Tax Revolt: Proposition 13 Five Years Later, Author: Terry Schwadron
Title: Florida Taxes, Guidebook to (2017), Author: CCH Tax Law Editors
Title: Proposition Thirteen, Property Transfers, and the Real Estate Markets, Author: Frederick E. Balderston
Title: Tax Heaven or Hell: A Guide to the Tax Consequences of Retirement Relocation, Author: Eve G. Evans
Title: How to Appeal Your Illinois Property Taxes--Without a Lawyer, Author: Pat Quinn

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