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Title: Book Bridges for ESL Students: Using Young Adult and Children's Literature to Teach ESL, Author: Suzanne Elizabeth Reid
Title: Approaches to Teaching Woolf's to the Lighthouse, Author: Beth Rigel Rigel Daugherty
Title: From Hinton to Hamlet: Building Bridges between Young Adult Literature and the Classics Second Edition, Revised and Expanded / Edition 2, Author: Sarah K. Herz
Title: Approaches to Teaching Poe's Prose and Poetry, Author: Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock
Title: A Land Remembered Children's Edition, Author: Patrick D Smith
Title: Authors and Artists for Young Adults, Author: Thomas McMahon
Title: 101 Drama Games for Children: Fun and Learning with Acting and Make-Believe, Author: Paul Rooyackers
Title: On the Subject of Drama, Author: David Hornbrook
Title: Authors and Artists for Young Adults, Author: Scot Peacock
Title: English and Englishness, Author: Brian Doyle
Title: The Division of Literature: Or the University in Deconstruction, Author: Peggy Kamuf
Title: Defining Literary Criticism: Scholarship, Authority and the Possession of Literary Knowledge, 1880-2002, Author: Carol Atherton
Title: Elementary School Library Collection, 19th Ed.; A Guide to Books and Other Media, Phases 1-2-3, Author: Lauren K. Lee
Title: Women's Personal Narratives: Essays in Criticism and Pedagogy, Author: Leonore Hoffman
Title: Fantasy Literature for Children and Young Adults: A Comprehensive Guide / Edition 5, Author: Ruth E Lynn
Title: Teaching Shakespeare and Early Modern Dramatists, Author: A. Hiscock
Title: Framing the Sign: Criticism and Its Institutions, Author: Jonathan Culler
Title: Middle and Junior High School Library Catalog, Author: Anne Price
Title: Literature as Exploration, Author: Louise M. Rosenblatt
Title: Lasting Impressions: Weaving Literature into the Writing Workshop, Author: Shelley Harwayne

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