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Title: Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading, Author: Kylene Beers
Title: Children's Literature, Briefly / Edition 6, Author: Michael O. Tunnell
Title: Literature for Children: A Short Introduction / Edition 8, Author: David L. Russell
Title: Chart Sense: Common Sense Charts to Teach 3-8 Informational Text and Literature, Author: Rozlyn Linder
Title: The English Teacher's Companion, Fourth Edition: A Completely New Guide to Classroom, Curriculum, and the Profession / Edition 4, Author: Jim Burke
Title: My Mouth is a Volcano Activity and Idea Book (Teacher's Guide), Author: Julia Cook
Title: Charlotte Huck's Children's Literature: A Brief Guide / Edition 2, Author: Barbara Kiefer
Title: A Teacher's Guide to Our Town: Common-Core Aligned Teacher Materials and a Sample Chapter, Author: Thornton Wilder
Title: K-2 Chart Sense: Common Sense Charts to Teach K-2 Informational Text and Literature, Author: Rozlyn Linder
Title: Essentials of Children's Literature / Edition 8, Author: Kathy G. Short
Title: To Kill a Mockingbird: Study Guide, Author: Total Class Notes
Title: The Day the Crayons Quit: An Instructional Guide for Literature: An Instructional Guide for Literature, Author: Jodene Smith
Title: Falling in Love with Close Reading: Lessons for Analyzing Texts--and Life, Author: Christopher Lehman
Title: With Rigor for All, Second Edition: Meeting Common Core Standards for Reading Literature / Edition 2, Author: Carol Jago
Title: Literature for Young Children: Supporting Emergent Literacy, Ages 0-8 / Edition 7, Author: Cyndi Giorgis
Title: How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare, Author: Ken Ludwig
Title: Elementary Children's Literature: Infancy through Age 13 / Edition 4, Author: Nancy L. Anderson
Title: The Physics of Superheroes: Spectacular Second Edition, Author: James Kakalios
Title: A Wrinkle in Time: A Literature Unit, Author: Patty Carratello
Title: A Land Remembered Children's Edition, Author: Patrick D Smith

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