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Title: Android Phones For Dummies, Author: Dan Gookin
Title: Ham Radio License Manual, Author: ARRL
Title: Ham Radio For Dummies, Author: H. Ward Silver
Title: When We Get to Surf City: A Journey Through America in Pursuit of Rock and Roll, Friendship, and Dreams, Author: Bob Greene
Title: The Green Screen Makerspace Project Book, Author: Todd Burleson
Title: Android Application Development All-in-One For Dummies, Author: Barry Burd
Title: Eccentric Orbits: The Iridium Story, Author: John Bloom
Title: Radio Free Boston: The Rise and Fall of WBCN, Author: Carter Alan
Title: Electronic Media: An Introduction / Edition 11, Author: Lynne Schafer Gross
Title: Adobe Premiere Pro For Dummies, Author: Keith Underdahl
Title: Of Thee I Zing: America's Cultural Decline from Muffin Tops to Body Shots, Author: Laura Ingraham
Title: DMR For Beginners: Using the Tytera MD-380, Author: Brian Schell
Title: The Grace of Silence: A Family Memoir, Author: Michele Norris
Title: FM: The Rise and Fall of Rock Radio, Author: Richard Neer
Title: Mathematical Theory of Communication. / Edition 1, Author: Claude E Shannon
Title: Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet, Author: Andrew Blum
Title: Practical Home Theater: A Guide to Video and Audio Systems (2018 Edition), Author: Mark Fleischmann
Title: The Victorian Internet: The Remarkable Story of the Telegraph and the Nineteenth Century's On-line Pioneers, Author: Tom Standage
Title: THE Amateur Radio Dictionary: The most complete glossary of Ham Radio terms ever compiled, Author: Don Keith
Title: Electronic Media: Then, Now, and Later / Edition 3, Author: Norman J. Medoff

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