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Title: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, Author: Sean Covey
Title: The Executive Functioning Workbook for Teens: Help for Unprepared, Late, and Scattered Teens, Author: Sharon A. Hansen
Title: The Anxiety Workbook for Teens: Activities to Help You Deal with Anxiety and Worry, Author: Lisa M. Schab
Title: Out of Control: How to Handle Anger - Yours and Everyone Else's, Author: John DiConsiglio
Title: Anger, Author: Rosa Waters
Title: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Personal Workbook, Author: Sean Covey
Title: Managing Stress, Author: Joan Esherick
Title: Be the Hero of Your Own Life Story, Author: Shane R. Barker
Title: Fear and Anxiety, Author: Kim Etingoff
Title: Bouncing Back: Dealing with the Stuff Life Throws at You, Author: Jami L. Jones
Title: Keeping Your Life Together When Your Parents Pull Apart, Author: Angela Hunt
Title: Stress and Tension, Author: Rosa Waters
Title: Happiness, Author: Z. B. Hill
Title: Supergirls Speak Out: Inside the Secret Crisis of Overachieving Girls, Author: Liz Funk
Title: Sadness, Author: Z. B. Hill
Title: Coping with Stress, Author: Gwen K. Packard
Title: Surprise and Flexibility, Author: Rosa Waters
Title: Envy and Jealousy, Author: Z. B. Hill
Title: Chill: Stress-Reducing Techniques for a More Balanced, Peaceful You, Author: Deborah Reber
Title: Loneliness, Author: Z. B. Hill

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