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Title: Women Aviators: 26 Stories of Pioneer Flights, Daring Missions, and Record-Setting Journeys, Author: Karen Bush Gibson
Title: Classic Cars of the Fifties, Author: Bruce LaFontaine
Title: Ferrari : A Celebration of an Iconic Marque, Author: Jed Paine
Title: Iceberg, Right Ahead!: The Tragedy of the Titanic, Author: Stephanie Sammartino McPherson
Title: Self-Driving Cars: The New Way Forward, Author: Michael Fallon
Title: Supercars : A Celebration of Iconic Marques, Author: Devon Bailey
Title: Warships, Author: Robert Jackson
Title: 100 Ships and Planes That Shaped World History, Author: William Caper
Title: Harley Davidson : The Story of a Motoring Icon, Author: Clyde Hawkins
Title: A History of Travel in 50 Vehicles (History in 50 Series), Author: Paula Grey
Title: Roman Roads and Aqueducts, Author: Don Nardo
Title: Distracted Driving (Thinking Critically Series), Author: Carla Mooney
Title: Classic American Cars, Author: Charlie Morgan
Title: Classic Bikes, Author: Alex Sharkey
Title: Rural Teens on the Move: Cars, Motorcycles, and off-Road Vehicles, Author: Roger Smith
Title: How Safe Is America's Infrastructure?, Author: Louise I. Gerdes
Title: Goodbye, Gasoline: The Science of Fuel Cells, Author: Laura Christine Lewandowski
Title: How the Wheel Changed History (PagePerfect NOOK Book), Author: Melissa Higgins
Title: The Wright Brothers: First in Flight, Author: Samuel Willard Crompton
Title: Shipwrecks: The Sinking of the Titanic and other Disasters at Sea, Author: Phyllis Raybin Emert

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