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Title: The Executive Guide to Call Center Metrics, Author: James C. Abbott
Title: A Practical Guide to Call Center Technology: Select the Right Systems for Total Customer Satisfaction / Edition 1, Author: Andrew Waite
Title: Old-Time Telephones! Design, History, and Restoration, Author: Ralph O. Meyer
Title: Practical VoIP Using VOCAL, Author: David Kelly
Title: Telephone Voice Transmission Standards and Measurement, Author: Winston Gaylor
Title: Telephones: Antique to Modern, Author: Kate E. Dooner
Title: Wireless Data for the Enterprise / Edition 1, Author: George S. Faigen
Title: The Road to IP Telephony : How Cisco Systems Migrated from PBX to IP Telephony, Author: Stephanie Carhee
Title: Voice Over DSL: Understanding and Implementing VoDSL, Author: Richard Grigonis
Title: Cellular Telephones & Pagers: An Overview, Author: Stephen Gibson
Title: SIP Demystified / Edition 1, Author: Gonzalo Camarillo
Title: Telecommunication System Engineering: Analog and Digital Network Design, Author: Roger L. Freeman
Title: The Cellular Telephone Installation Handbook, Author: Michael Losee
Title: Deploying Cisco Voice over IP Solutions (paperback), Author: Jonathan Davidson
Title: SIP: Understanding the Session Initiation Protocol, Author: Alan B. Johnston
Title: Analog to Digital-Digital to Analog Conversion Techniques, Author: David E. Hoeschele
Title: Who Pays for Universal Service?: When Telephone Subsidies Become Transparent, Author: Robert W. Crandall
Title: Visual Basic Telephony, Author: Chris Brookins
Title: IP Telephony: The Integration of Robust VolP Services / Edition 1, Author: Bill Douskalis
Title: Telephone Conversation, Author: Robert Hopper

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