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Title: Homey Don't Play That!: The Story of In Living Color and the Black Comedy Revolution, Author: David Peisner
Title: The Hippest Trip in America: Soul Train and the Evolution of Culture & Style, Author: Nelson George
Title: The Other Glass Teat, Author: Harlan Ellison
Title: Psychology of The Simpsons: D'oh!, Author: Alan S. Brown
Title: The Way Back to Mayberry: Lessons from a Simpler Time, Author: Joey Fann
Title: Watching TV Is Not Required: Thinking About Media and Thinking About Thinking / Edition 1, Author: Bernard McGrane
Title: Latina/o Stars in U.S. Eyes: The Making and Meanings of Film and TV Stardom, Author: Mary C. Beltran
Title: To the Stars, Author: George Takei
Title: Murder in the News: An Inside Look at How Television Covers Crime, Author: Robert H. Jordan
Title: More Than A Movie: Ethics In Entertainment / Edition 1, Author: Miguel Valenti
Title: All Things at Once, Author: Mika Brzezinski
Title: Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, Author: Jerry Mander
Title: Revolution Televised: Prime Time and the Struggle for Black Power, Author: Christine Acham
Title: As Seen on TV: The Visual Culture of Everyday Life in the 1950s / Edition 1, Author: Karal Ann Marling
Title: The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History, Author: John Ortved
Title: The Age of Missing Information, Author: Bill McKibben
Title: The New Gay for Pay: The Sexual Politics of American Television Production, Author: Julia Himberg
Title: Three Blind Mice: How the TV Networks Lost Their Way, Author: Ken Auletta
Title: Dashing, Daring, and Debonair: TV's Top Male Icons from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, Author: Herbie J Pilato
Title: Soul Train: The Music, Dance, and Style of a Generation, Author: Questlove

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