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Title: Postdramatic Theatre / Edition 1, Author: Hans-Thies Lehmann
Title: History Of European Drama And Theatre / Edition 1, Author: Erika Fischer-Lichte
Title: Grand-Guignol: The French Theatre of Horror, Author: Richard J. Hand
Title: Dodin and the Maly Drama Theatre: Process to Performance, Author: Maria Shevstova
Title: Moscow Performances: The New Russian Theater 1991-1996, Author: John Freedman
Title: Europe's Itinerant Players and the Advent of German-language Theatre in Reval, Estonia: Unpublished Petitions of the Swedish Era, 1630-1692, in the Reval City Archives, Author: Laurence Kitching
Title: Realism in European Theatre and Drama, 1870-1920: A Bibliography, Author: Robert D. Boyer
Title: Theater and Revolution, Author: Frederick Brown
Title: A History of Italian Theatre, Author: Paolo Puppa
Title: Staging the Post-Avant-Garde: Italian Experimental Performance after 1970 / Edition 1, Author: Gabriella Giannachi
Title: National Theatre in Northern and Eastern Europe, 1746-1900, Author: Laurence Senelick
Title: Death by Drama and Other Medieval Urban Legends / Edition 1, Author: Jody Enders
Title: Revolutionary Acts: Theater, Democracy, and the French Revolution, Author: Susan Maslan
Title: Queens of the French Stage, Author: H. Noel Williams
Title: Tragic Muse: Rachel of the Comedie-Francaise, Author: Rachel Brownstein
Title: Hamburgische Dramaturgie, Author: Gothold Ephraim Lessing
Title: Annals of the French stage, from its origin to the death of Racine, Author: Frederick William Hawkins
Title: Russian Comedy of the Nikolaian Rea, Author: Laurence Senelick
Title: Towards A Third Theatre, Author: Ian Watson
Title: Mediaeval Stage, Author: Edmund Kerchever Chambers

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