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Title: Dark Tales, Author: Shirley Jackson
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Title: Secrets of the Greek Revival, Author: Eva Pohler
Title: The Beetle (Haunted Library of Horror Classics), Author: Richard Marsh
Title: The Ever-Deafening Silence, Author: Maiya Taft
Title: Experimental Film, Author: Gemma Files
Title: Lovely, Dark and Deep, Author: Claudia Cain
Title: Nothing Left to Lose: A Novel, Author: Dan Wells
Title: Her Dark Half (X-Ops Series #7), Author: Paige Tyler
Title: Vortex of Cynicism, Author: Matt Scarborough
Title: Probing: Cycle Three of the Harbingers Series, Author: Frank Peretti
Title: The Hollow Tree, Author: James Brogden
Title: High Moor 3: Blood Moon, Author: Graeme Reynolds
Title: The Wild Inside: A Novel, Author: Jamey Bradbury
Title: The Supernatural Bounty Hunter Files: Smoke Rising (Book 1), Author: Craig Halloran
Title: Death Lake Motel, Author: Rod Little
Title: Dinosaur Lake, Author: Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Title: Invitation: Cycle One of the Harbingers Series, Author: Bill Myers
Title: Glimpse: A Novel, Author: Jonathan Maberry
Title: Whisper, Author: David Haltinner
Title: Heart of a Warrior Angel: From Darkness to Light, Author: Lali A. Love

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