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Title: A Civil Action, Author: Jonathan Harr
Title: Schechter's a Short and Happy Guide to Torts, Author: Roger E. Schechter
Title: Getting Incentives Right: Improving Torts, Contracts, and Restitution, Author: Robert D. Cooter
Title: Bauman and Eades' Exam Pro on Torts, Author: John  Bauman
Title: Torts in a Nutshell, Author: Edward Kionka
Title: Tort Law, Author: Catherine Elliott
Title: In Defense of Tort Law, Author: Thomas Koenig
Title: Evaluating a Malpractice Case Against a Lawyer, Author: Boyd Lemon
Title: Civil Liability of Law Enforcement Officers, Author: Joyce Blalock
Title: Chemical Injury and the Courts: A Litigation Guide for Clients and Their Attorneys, Author: Linda Price King
Title: Casenote Legal Briefs: Torts: Epstein, Author: Casenote Publishing Co. Inc.
Title: Ideals, Beliefs, Attitudes, and the Law: Private Law Perspectives on a Public Law Problem, Author: Guido Calabresi
Title: Judge and Jury: American Tort Law on Trial, Author: Eric Helland
Title: Smith's Review of Torts, Author: Myron G.
Title: Liability for Negligence and Judicial Discretion, Author: Francesco Parisi
Title: Emergency Vehicle Operations: Emergency Calls and Pursuit Driving, Author: Tom Barker
Title: West Group High Court Case Summaries:Adaptable to Courses Utilizing Dobbs and Hayden's Casebook on Tort's / Edition 4, Author: West Group Publishing
Title: Tort Law and Social Morality, Author: Peter M. Gerhart
Title: Tort Law and the Public Interest: Competition, Innovation, & Consumer Welfare, Author: Peter Schuck
Title: Q&A Torts, Author: Anita Bernstein

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