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Title: Hi Tech World: Code Breakers, Author: Ben Hubbard
Title: Does the Internet Increase the Risk of Crime?, Author: Lisa Yount
Title: Internet Freedom: Where Is the Limit?, Author: Jane Bingham
Title: Computer Crime: Phreaks, Spies and Salami Slicers, Author: Karen Judson
Title: Cybercrime: A Reference Handbook / Edition 1, Author: Bernadette H. Schell
Title: Internet Piracy, Author: James D. Torr
Title: The Encyclopedia of High-Tech Crime and Crime-Fighting, Author: Michael Newton
Title: Cyber Crime (Face the Facts Series), Author: Neil McIntosh
Title: Computer Crime, Author: Robert Louis Perry
Title: The Watchman: The Twisted Life and Crimes of Serial Hacker Kevin Poulsen, Author: Jonathan Littman