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Title: Close to Shore: The Terrifying Shark Attacks of 1916, Author: Michael Capuzzo
Title: Washington's Crossing, Author: David Hackett Fischer
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Title: Garden State Gangland: The Rise of the Mob in New Jersey, Author: Scott M. Deitche
Title: A Talent to Deceive: The Search for the Real Killer of the Lindbergh Baby, Author: William Norris
Title: Rivals Unto Death: Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, Author: Rick Beyer
Title: Cemetery John: The Undiscovered Mastermind of the Lindbergh Kidnapping, Author: Robert Zorn
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Title: Toms River: A Story of Science and Salvation, Author: Dan Fagin
Title: Victory or Death: The Battles of Trenton and Princeton, December 25, 1776 - January 3, 1777, Author: Mark Maloy
Title: Fatal Sunday: George Washington, the Monmouth Campaign, and the Politics of Battle, Author: Mark Edward Lender
Title: War of Two: Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and the Duel that Stunned the Nation, Author: John Sedgwick
Title: American Passage: The History of Ellis Island, Author: Vincent J. Cannato
Title: Hanover Township: Whippany and Cedar Knolls, Author: Arcadia Publishing
Title: Linden, New Jersey (Making of America Series), Author: Lauren Pancurak Yeats
Title: Immigrants to Freedom, Author: Joseph Brandes
Title: New Jersey's Environments: Past, Present, and Future, Author: Neil M. Maher
Title: If Your Name Was Changed At Ellis Island, Author: Ellen Levine
Title: Envisioning New Jersey: An Illustrated History of the Garden State, Author: Maxine N. Lurie
Title: Five-Finger Discount: A Crooked Family History, Author: Helene Stapinski
Title: Twelve Days of Terror: Inside the Shocking 1916 New Jersey Shark Attacks, Author: Richard G. Fernicola M.D.
Title: Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City, Author: Nelson Johnson
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