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Title: Nothing to Do but Stay: My Pioneer Mother, Author: Carrie Young
Title: Keeping Christmas: Yuletide Traditions in Norway and the New Land, Author: Kathleen Stokker
Title: Norwegian Seattle, Washington (Images of America Series), Author: Kristine Leander
Title: In Their Own Words: Letters from Norwegian Immigrants, Author: Zempel
Title: Finns in Michigan, Author: Gary Kaunonen
Title: Swedes in Minnesota (The People of Minnesota Series), Author: Anne Gillespie Lewis
Title: Norwegians in Minnesota, Author: Jon Gjerde
Title: Vikings in the Attic: In Search of Nordic America, Author: Eric Dregni
Title: Norway to America: A History of the Migration, Author: Ingrid Semmingsen
Title: Swedes of Greater Worcester Revisited (Images of America Series), Author: Eric J. Salomonsson
Title: Swedish Seattle, Washington [Images of America Series], Author: Paul Norlen
Title: The Promise Fulfilled: A Portrait of Norwegian Americans Today, Author: Odd S. Lovoll
Title: On the Viking Trail: Travels in Scandinavian America, Author: Don  Lago
Title: History of the Finns in Michigan, Author: Armas K E Holmio
Title: Norwegians in Wisconsin, Author: Richard J. Fapso
Title: New Icelanders: A North American Community, Author: David Arnason
Title: The Norwegians in America, Author: Percie V. Hillbrand
Title: Finnish Touches: Recipes and Traditions, Author: Joan Liffring-Zug Liffring-Zug Bourret
Title: Danes in Wisconsin: Revised and Expanded Edition, Author: Frederick Hale
Title: Rough Road to Glory, Author: Arlow W. Anderson

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