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Title: Notes on a Foreign Country: An American Abroad in a Post-American World, Author: Suzy Hansen
Title: Doomed to Succeed: The U.S.-Israel Relationship from Truman to Obama, Author: Dennis Ross
Title: The Iran Wars: Spy Games, Bank Battles, and the Secret Deals That Reshaped the Middle East, Author: Jay Solomon
Title: America's War for the Greater Middle East: A Military History, Author: Andrew J. Bacevich
Title: All the Shah's Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror, Author: Stephen Kinzer
Title: Failing The Crystal Ball Test, Author: Ofira Seliktar
Title: Ike's Gamble: America's Rise to Dominance in the Middle East, Author: Michael Doran
Title: Genesis: Truman, American Jews, and the Origins of the Arab/Israeli Conflict, Author: John B. Judis
Title: Tested by Zion: The Bush Administration and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Author: Elliott Abrams
Title: Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians, Author: Jerome R. Corsi
Title: Arabian Knight: Colonel Bill Eddy USMC and the Rise of American Power in the Middle East, Author: Thomas W. Lippman
Title: Iran in Crisis?: The Future of the Revolutionary Regime and the US Response, Author: Roger Howard
Title: Circle in the Sand: The Bush Dynasty in Iraq, Author: Christian Alfonsi
Title: The Realities of American-Palestine Relations, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: America and Iraq: Policy-Making, Intervention and Regional Politics since 1958 / Edition 1, Author: David Ryan
Title: Perceptions of Palestine: Their Influence on U.S. Middle East Policy, Author: Kathleen  Christison
Title: The Transatlantic Allies and the Changing Middle East, Author: Philip H Gordon
Title: John F. Kennedy and the Politics of Arms Sales to Israel, Author: Abraham Ben-Zvi
Title: The Shah's Last Ride: The True Story of the Emperor's Dreams and Illusions, Exile and Death at the Hands of His Foes and Friends, Author: William Shawcross

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